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Sons for the Return Home

Film (Trailer and Excerpts) – 1979


Sons for the Return Home tells the story of a Romeo and Juliet romance between students Sione, a NZ-raised Samoan, and Sarah, a middle class palagi. Director Paul Maunder shifts between time and setting (London, Wellington, Samoa) in adapting Albert Wendt's landmark 1973 novel. Sons was the first feature film attentive to Samoan experience in NZ — alongside themes of identity, racism and social and sexual consciousness. In this excerpt Sione meets Sarah's parents, and his tin'a has him scrubbing their Newtown pavement prior to Sarah's reciprocal visit.

Sons is often funny, often sharp in its insights, welcomely serious in intention and complex in its working out of a tangle of related questions – an important film.
– Tom McWilliams, Listener, 3 November 1979

Key Cast & Crew

Profile image for Paul Maunder

Paul Maunder

Director, Writer

Generic Profile image for Lani Tupu Senior

Lani Tupu Senior

As: Sione’s father

Generic Profile image for Malama Masina

Malama Masina

As: Receptionist

Generic Profile image for Fiona Lindsay

Fiona Lindsay

As: Sarah

Generic Profile image for Amalamo Tanielu

Amalamo Tanielu

As: Malie

Generic Profile image for Alan Jervis (aka Alan Wilks)

Alan Jervis (aka Alan Wilks)

As: Sarah's Father

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Pacific Films