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Hero image for Struggle No More

Struggle No More

Film (Trailer) – 2006

...stories about underdogs are always satisfying if the characters we're supposed to be rooting for are likable. These guys are very likable. They're battlers. They're survivors. They're really good at what they do. But they haven't made any money with music in over forty years of playing and recording. So ... the theme of this film is the persistence of passion.
– Director Costa Botes
Most bands, you know, they start off and they're not very good and then they peak and they get good, and then they sort of get sick of it and break up and all that stuff, And the whole thing takes about three years. The Strugglers are still on the upward part of the trajectory and it's taken thirty...
– Broadcaster and musician Simon Morris on The Windy City Strugglers
They're journeymen and craftsmen — that's what you perceive straight away ... you go and see this band, and you see a collection of individuals who are all very, very proficient at their instruments. They're all extremely weathered; they've been around for a long time, and they still have that motivation and fearlessness that makes them a good band, despite their age. In fact, it gets better with age...
– Broadcast and ex music label boss Trevor Reekie on The Windy City Strugglers