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Studio Tour

Short Film (Full Length) – 1981

This 1981 promotional short snaps the clapperboard on the National Film Unit’s new filmmaking facilities at Avalon. The Unit had moved from its Miramar birthplace to the Lower Hutt complex in 1978 (it was officially opened on 18 October that year). Narrated by Bob Parker and scored to a funky soundtrack, the film is a guide through NFU production processes. A montage of production scenes is followed by a look at film processing once the film is ‘in the can’. Tricks of the trade depicted include rear projection, film colouring and foley (sound effects).

For 40 years New Zealand's introduced itself to the world through the National Film Unit, until these new studios in Lower Hutt are now an invitation themselves to see where filmmaking here is going.
– From the narration

Key Cast & Crew

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John King

Producer, Director, Writer

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Hugh Macdonald


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Brian Shennan

Sound Mix

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Ross Chambers


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Rex Potier


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Ivars Berzins

Camera Operator

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