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Hero image for Syn City - New Zealand's Deadly Synthetic Drugs Epidemic

Syn City - New Zealand's Deadly Synthetic Drugs Epidemic

Web (Full Length Episode) – 2018

I used to mock the s**t out of them ... "Just smoke the real s**t bro ... that s**t's just gonna f*** up your brain." This s**t was actually way cheaper than weed, and had much more of an effect, so that's how I got into smoking it.
– Tammara, on how she started using synthetic drugs
People come in with a problem — they come in with chest pain, they come in with seizures, et cetera. We don't always know what that is, so we start working down the list of what could cause that. But now we've seen so many seizures from synthetic cannabinoids that that's one thing we always just consider.
– Dr Chip Gresham
The government's to blame — they're the only people to blame. Why bring a drug out and ... then get all these people addicted to it, like actually f***ing addicted, and then just take it away and make it illegal? Of course it's gonna go underground, and then people are gonna start making s**t that is harmful, and that's what's happened.
– Tammara on the cause of the synthetics problem