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Telethon - 1981 show Television (Excerpts) – 1981 Variety

Telethon - 1981 show

Television (Excerpts) – 1981 Variety

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I miss the show. I was on it.
Me and my friend Stu.
We were a team.


Scott 11 Mar 2015 - 01.01am

I saw Robin dene who played Pete Wallace in Close to Home. Where is Robin now?


Bryan 27 Nov 2014 - 05.13pm

miss telethon,we should bring it back!

karen sutton

karen sutton 24 Feb 2014 - 09.33pm

Hi Folks - we may get some more Telethon excerpts at some stage, including from Auckland. Not everything has been kept, however. If you want to know exactly what does and doesn't exist, you could ask the TVNZ Archive directly...

1 Jun 2012 - 11.50am

hi i was asking the same ? and i havent yet got a answer sorry i couldnt help but if you find any info i would like to know thanks Louise

Louise Porter

Louise Porter 31 May 2012 - 04.16pm

hi was wondering if u have the clips for the auckland telethon or how i can get a copy

lathan mclean

lathan mclean 30 May 2012 - 09.33pm

I think the character from CHIPS was called PONCHERELLO and was played by Erik Estrada


Rob 5 Dec 2011 - 11.46pm

I would love the sound clip for the "thankyou very much' theme song for a fundraiser I am organising. Whats the chances?


Kelly 31 Jan 2011 - 12.29pm

Hi i am trying to get a video of the cook island group from Bairds intermediate school,that perform when that guy from the America series (Chips) was a guest. I'm not sure of the year i'm guessing 1981-1982 but i knew puncuali was there,I got shy every time i felt he was looking at me, lol, I don't know how to spell it but i will right it how it sounds. (Puncuali). He was my first (crusher) and i loved him. Thinking about it makes it all sound alittle silly but thats how it was way back then I would have 11-12 years. I am 40years old and a Moari girl in the Island group,my dad said that the carmera was on me for at least 3 seconds, My children and i would really like see it. Thank you

Louise porter

Louise porter 26 Jan 2011 - 12.59am

Can we have the clip where Basil Brush is bantering with Kenny Everett (as Sid Snot), and Kenny bops Basil on the head with a microphone?

Damian Vuleta

Damian Vuleta 19 Mar 2009 - 04.12pm

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