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Hero image for Timothy - performed by The Chicks

Timothy - performed by The Chicks

Television (Excerpts) – 1985

At the end of each show [C'mon] was the week’s Top 10. In this segment it was just one verse and one chorus. That’s how we got so well known for ‘Timothy’ – it was in the top 10 for weeks so we got to sing it again and again and again.
– Judy Hindman (née Donaldson), in an interview with AudioCulture, 23 November 2017
We were living in Henderson and the legendary guitarist Peter Posa was visiting our neighbour’s house. I was desperate to get his autograph, but he said we had to sing a song first. So we sang 'Tobacco Road'. Two weeks later, Pete’s manager, Ron Dalton, rang and asked us to come into the studio, where we recorded a 1949 song, 'The Hucklebuck', which went to number one.
– Judy Hindman (née Donaldson) on being first discovered, North & South, December 2016