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The Hothouse - First Episode

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2007

Beneath the antics there is something chillingly convincing about the series' high-achieving but morally and emotionally flailing twenty-something professionals ... you can almost hear the distant rumbling of truckloads of karma heading their way. That, plus some great acting, sly humour and excellent direction, makes The Hothouse up there with Outrageous Fortune when it comes to hopeful signs of vitality and originality in local television drama.
– Diana Wichtel on The Hothouse, The Listener, 17 March 2007
..it's about that decision-making process — at what level am I now and what is the next step for me? It's that idea of leaving childhood behind and coping with that awkward phase in the middle.
– Actor Ryan O'Kane, on how The Hothouse will appeal to viewers who are in their final years of flatting, TimeOut, 22 February 2007
...does he know the rules? No nicking someone else's food from the fridge, but the beer is everyone's. Do your own dishes. No Prince music. Watching All Blacks tests is compulsory. No wine in a box. Loo paper doesn't grow on trees. No pets, no smoking, and no Tom Hanks movies except for Big and Splash. Okay?
– Ruth (Hannah Gould) lays out the rules of the flat to newcomer Levi Wise (Kip Chapman)