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The Inland Road Film (Trailer) – 2017 Drama

The Inland Road

Film (Trailer) – 2017 Drama

M Mature
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The first feature from Jackie van Beek was born from the idea of three very different people in a house, after a crisis. The central character is teen runaway Tia, who after a car crash moves in with a family who are connected to the accident. To find their lead actor — newcomer Gloria Popata — writer/director van Beek and casting director Yvette Reid did an epic casting call across Aotearoa. Reid auditioned 340 people. Van Beek is best known as an actor herself, often in comic roles. She directed seven shorts, before The Inland Road was invited to debut at the Berlin Film Festival.

...the sensitively observed drama is shot through with kindness, compassion and compelling stillness, viewing even the most thoughtless actions and thorny behavior in an understanding light that adds resonant emotional depths to the open-ended payoff.
– David Rooney, in a Hollywood Reporter review, 16 February 2017

Produced by

Sabertooth Films


Sabertooth Films


World premiere on 16 February 2017 at the Berlin Film Festival

New Zealand premiere at Auckland's ASB Waterfront Theatre on 25 July 2017, as part of the NZ International Film Festival

Followed by further NZ Film Festival screenings

Available to buy and rent from NZ Film On Demand