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The Murder House Short Film (Full Length) – 1998 Horror

The Murder House

Short Film (Full Length) – 1998 Horror

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Central New Brighton School dental nurse Rose, I think it was ... My two front teeth got drilled and white fillings put in at the front. They were always drilling and filling my teeth. I now have only a few of my own teeth. You were cruel b*****s.

Joyce  anderson

Joyce anderson 15 Feb 2019 - 02.44pm

Trust issues with dentists - definitely! If I had never encountered a dentist-my teeth would have lasted me to my grave! I am 45 now. Went to Three Kings Primary. The troubles I've had with molars from the holes 'they started...' (makes sense reading earlier comment they got paid per filling, (12 cotton bug "rewards" at one stage) ...& my parents didn't do junk food at all!! Obedient, shy & dumb! ---Finally extracted what little remained of molar 2 days ago - feel so cheated. I hope those bastards who 'just practised' - get their KARMA for the unnecessary lifelong pain & self esteem issues they've inflicted on their victims.
My darling was fantastic; put a stop to being a victim with a headbutt (he was 6 yrs old) ... wish I'd known him then!!

Michelle Barrett

Michelle Barrett 9 Sep 2017 - 09.39am

Yes I too stumbled on to this site or was I curious. Schooled at St Marys Christchurch in the early 70's the murder house was adjacent to us. We were the guinea pigs of the nursing. The sound of teeth destroys and the smell of mercury still haunts me to this day. Every 3 months a nurse would come to our classroom and ask if all the last names starting with a-j to file up outside the room. The school had 3 classrooms. 15-20 poor souls single filed marched over to THE MURDER HOUSE. 45 years on my teeth are ruined and my gut full of mercury. Shame on my parents ,school and most of all the health board at the time for letting this happen. Still angry over what happen to my smile. Bastards

Kevin Duffy

Kevin Duffy 26 May 2017 - 11.24am

I was a victim and to this day I am frightened and distrustful of dentists and I will never forget. It was torture and I am sure the dental nurses took great delight in inflicting pain on small children and because of my fear my teeth are ruined.

Tracey Simpson

Tracey Simpson 21 Apr 2017 - 08.42pm

The Murder House exhibits exactly how we felt as children all those years ago when we went through the trauma of going to the dental nurse.


Heather 27 Oct 2013 - 11.28am

Ha ha love it, primary school memes.

Tania Browne

Tania Browne 20 Aug 2013 - 08.58am

An ex dental nurse told me that they used to be paid per filling. The reason our mouths are full of amalgam.

Chris Jones

Chris Jones 3 Aug 2013 - 05.56am

Very well done, brought back memory's of going to the old dental nurse training school in upper willis street in Wellington back in the 1970's. I know now that school dental nurses were nothing like the one in the movie, but when you are in primary school they were really scary.


Rob 14 Jun 2013 - 05.15am

Scary place to go?


Nadia 1 Sep 2012 - 03.00pm

I have in my baby book (i am now 51 years old - born in the 60's...)that I had 15 fillings at 5 years old and how disgusting!!! There is no way i would have needed all or any of those as i never really ate anything sweet! To this day I hate going to the dentist because I just know they did all of this to me!!!


Kathy 18 Aug 2012 - 07.15pm

Blob of mercury? Wow! That's jogged my memory of being handed the mortar and pestle to mix the mercury amalgam myself! A shocker when you think about it!

It's brilliant how 'The Murder House' ends with 'the boy' returning to class 'a man' and he's not at all frightened by the sight of inoculating jabs - a jab which ironically, contained additional Mercury!

I can now, 40 years later, confess that in the early 70's one bored weekend, some older boys and I broke into the dental clinic of a local primary school and stole an entire test tube of Mercury. We took it home, played with it, divided it into four, and I, as an unstoppable curious kid, continued to play with it for about 18 months! I mixed it with vinegar and bi-carb, salt, sugar - the whole kitchen cupboard... then shook and sniffed the mixture!

Certain industrialised countries, while still offering free-of-charge mercury-amalgam fillings to patients, have ceased manufacture of the toxic stuff in their own countries 'cause they know it invariably ends up in the drain! If the stupid, toxic stuff wasn't there in that dental clinic the first place, none of that risk could possibly have occurred! There's no serve-you-right about it as retribution for burgling and vandalising the clinic - it should not have been there in the first place!

My dentist friend knows dang-well the dangers of what she's obliged to put into her patients teeth and she does intravenous chelation therapy every six months!

Manu Hashidate

Manu Hashidate 15 May 2012 - 09.56pm

The only thing they missed out were the cotton thingies being made into buzzy bees or fairies for us, and the most fun part was a blob of mercury to play with and take home... if you could hold it in your hand long enough (true story)

Shirl and en

Shirl and en 4 May 2012 - 04.29pm

this is was the old primary school i went to i was in the film


asdsasdsad 28 Feb 2012 - 06.56pm

Funny but this brings back bad memories for me. When I was at Breens Intermediate School in Christchurch (in the 70's) the bloody sadist dentist (female) pulled out my left upper molar without a needle and the thing wasn't even loose. Cow!

Geoff Ruston

Geoff Ruston 14 Dec 2011 - 01.14pm

NZ school dental clinics were exactly like this except mine had more than a dozen chairs - I cannot remember exactly how many (Mt Roskill Primary, Intermediate and Grammar School dental clinic).

The dental nurses did not lock the door, nor were they sarcastic like the one in the movie clip, but EVERYTHING the boy in this short movie felt, we all as kids went through (including the bars on the bathroom windows as well as the matron standing guard at the entry door until every child was seated with the bib on; also including the incident with the hot boiled dental instruments being touched on your neck to test them to see if they were too hot to use.

This movie clip was sooooo accurate!

I met a lady in the mid to late 1990's who was in charge of the Auckland region dental clinics (Carrol; those who were in the know will know of her) and I asked her the question. "Did they just drill our teeth for practice?"
She said for the most they did, but, that practice stopped in the late 1980's - too late for me.


Phil 19 Oct 2011 - 01.28am

the classroom and playground sequences were authentic so its a pity the film takes such a cheap shot at a unique approach to children oral health. If parents took more care of their children's diet, dental anxiety and the murder house concept would vanish. This is an insult to dental nurses.


LMJ 14 Oct 2011 - 02.32pm

WOW from a retired SDN. I loved my patients and made every effort to make them happy. This is a spoof on our daily work.


anne fuller

anne fuller 25 Apr 2011 - 10.00pm

This was my experience exactly! Well captured!


Rangumai 13 Apr 2011 - 09.50pm

I used this with my year 3 and 4 students when we were talking about feeling scared and how movie makers use music and sound effects to enhance the mood of the movie. This was a perfect example to use with children at this level. As a survivor of the "Murder House Days", I have to say your movie was spot on, and brought vivid memories to the fore.
Congratulations, team. This movie is a winner.

Mary L

Mary L 15 Mar 2011 - 10.55am

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