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The Respectable Addiction

Television (Full Length) – 2003

Exploring the issue of overworking, this one-off documentary features interviews with a range of self-confessed workaholics.  It offers insights from psychologists and physicians on how work can become addictive and dangerous. Director Michelle Bracey and writer Colin Hogg (who both worked on award-winning Barry Crump documentary Crump) look at a number of industries, including hospitality, agriculture and academia. Writer Pat Booth discusses journalism, while Wellington Mayor Kerry Prendergast is candid about the roots of her overworking problem — and the impact it has had on her personal life and family.  


Most weekends I would have two or three speeches over a weekend, sometimes more, but that's an average. We would usually have something to attend on a Saturday night. We'd try and keep Sunday night free, but like last Sunday, that didn't work.
– Mayor of Wellington Kerry Prendergast

Key Cast & Crew

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Elizabeth Hawthorne


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Colin Hogg

Writer, Research

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Philippa Mossman

Producer, Research

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Michelle Bracey

Director, Research

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Mike O'Connor


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DJ Stipsen

Cinematographer, Drama Cinematographer

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Produced by

Third Party Productions