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The Ridges - First Episode Television (Full Length Episode) – 2012 Reality TV

The Ridges - First Episode

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2012 Reality TV

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Interior designer and socialite Sally Ridge opened up her home — and life — to television cameras for this TV3 reality series. Episode one opens with Ridge and 19-year-old daughter Jaime moving from their plush home into a huge, rundown villa. Sally and self-confessed "clean freak" Jaime leap onto chairs after they discover a plump mouse running around their new kitchen. Sally bemoans having to rip up carpet on her own and deal with a huge renovation project. None of Sally's three other children — two to Adam Parore, and one to Matthew Ridge — appear in the series. 

Key Cast & Crew

Sally Ridge


Natalie Malcon

Director, Producer

Angus Emmerson

Additional Camera

I put those concerns to Rosie Miles, an animal trainer for film and TV with 25 years experience. She said the mouse didn’t exhibit many of the behaviours she would expect from a wild rodent.
– Writer Hayden Donnell investigates whether the mouse was planted, The Spinoff, 22 June 2016