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Hero image for The Underwatermelon Man and Other Unreasonable Rhymes

The Underwatermelon Man and Other Unreasonable Rhymes

Short Film (Full Length) – 2006

The song list for this film

All songs were composed by Fane Flaws and Peter Dasent unless otherwise listed in brackets

Songs originally appeared on 1999 album The Underwatermelon Man 

Songs and performers, in order of appearance:

1) 'The Underwatermelon Man' — Chris Knox

2) 'Melon-Cauli Baby' — Tim Finn

3) 'Neville the Enchanted Rug' — Neil Finn

4) 'The Eccentric Instrumentalist' — The Topp Twins

5) 'The Forgotten Fork' — Darren Watson

6) 'Thirteen O'Clock' — Renée Geyer

7) 'The Hide and Seeky Bird' — John Clarke

8) 'The Girl with the Empty Head' (Flaws, Dasent, Arthur Baysting) — Bic & Boh Runga

Start of clip two

9) 'Money Trees' — Fane Flaws

10) 'The Girl With the Porcupine Coat' (Flaws, Dasent, Baysting) — Jenny Morris & Don McGlashan

11) 'The Man With The Elephant Nose' (Flaws, Dasent, Baysting) — Che Fu, King Kapisi, MC OJ and Rhythm Slave

12) 'The Girl From Godknowswhere' — Neil Finn

13) 'Jemima Spride' — Jackie Clarke

14) 'Knights' (Flaws, Dasent, Baysting) — The Shag Piles (Fane Flaws, Peter Dasent, Tony Backhouse, Simon Emsley, Rob Maxwell-Jones)

15) 'The Man With the Cast Iron Belly' (Flaws, Dasent, Jonathan Zwartz) — George Washingmachine

16) 'Imelda Blade' — Tony Backhouse

Start of clip three

17) 'The Girl With The X-Ray Eyes' — Don McGlashan

18) 'The Perfect Stranger' — Tim Finn

19) 'The Dog With The Saxophone' — Tony Backhouse 

20) 'Pottie Training' — Jackie Clarke

21) 'El Flamo' (Flaws, Dasent, Baysting) — Brandon Pou

22) 'The Wicked Conjuror' — Dave Dobbyn

23) 'The Man Who Never Was' — Renée Geyer

24) 'The Mysterious Box' — Dave Dobbyn

25) 'Dream Girl' — Neil Finn & Lucy Lawless

Music produced by Fane Flaws, Peter Dasent and Nigel Stone