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This is Her

Short Film (Full Length) – 2008

When I first read the script I laughed – a lot. I was attracted to its dry, wry tone, its clever structure, and the potential to create eclectic, surprising and imaginative visuals. I thought the structure was very sophisticated and the tone, the dark humour of it, really appealed to me. It was a very adult story, the story of a woman my age.
– Director Katie Wolfe
The middle-aged man leaves his similarly aged wife for someone 20 years his junior – it’s such a common story that it has become a cliché. I became interested in exploring the story behind the cliché – the fact that this man wasn’t always a rat-bag, and that the couple weren’t always unhappy. The fact that the passing of time makes the implausible a reality.
– Writer Kate McDermott
In life there are no fairytale endings
– The film’s tag-line
A hilariously black and cynical tale…
– The Playlist blog review of This is Her’s screening at the New York Film Festival