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Hero image for This is Not My Life - First Episode

This is Not My Life - First Episode

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2010

So, this is my house — and you're my wife?
– Alec (Charles Mesure) to Callie (Tandi Wright)
I'm sorry. Alec, you have exceeded your power allowance. Please return to point of origin.
– Alec's car informs him of the situation
One of the really interesting things to me about the scripts is that the story functions on one level as a slightly futuristic thriller, but on a whole other level it's about a man having a mid-life crisis.
– Director Rob Sarkies on This is Not My Life, Onfilm magazine, September 2009, page 14
The smartest scripts I've ever worked on ... either in New Zealand or the US. Put that together with the opportunity to lead a show — playing the protagonist as opposed to my usual villain/heavy/love interest/supporting role — and This is Not My Life became the chance of a lifetime.
– Charles Mesure on what attracted him to the role, TVNZ website, 2010
From a visual perspective things are seemingly normal — but not quite. The slight differences make it a little eerie. Everything is a little more pastel, a little lighter, a little brighter ... I think design has played a big part in the story, in terms of subtext.
– Production/costume designer Tracey Collins on This is Not My Life, Onfilm magazine, October 2009, page 18
You're going to become Alec Ross and everything that went before never happened. It's better this way. It's better for you, it's better for Hannah, and it's a damn sight better for me.
– The mysterious Harry Sheridan (John Bach) to Alec (Charles Mesure)
It felt like we were making something really ambitious and something really unique ... it sort of felt like we were all working to make this special thing, and I feel quite protective of it.
– Actor Tandi Wright in The Dominion Post (TV Week liftout) 14 September 2010, page 3