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Hero image for This is Your Life - Grant Fox

This is Your Life - Grant Fox

Television (Full Length) – 1994

If there is anyone as intense about his rugby analysis as Grant Fox, I have yet to meet them. Which probably explains why Fox is regarded so highly as a selector and in his playing days, was so valued by Auckland and the All Blacks for his dedication to crafting his gifts to their limit.
– Wynne Gray, in his entry on Fox for the '100 Greatest All Blacks' NZ Herald feature, 2014
Hugo Porta might have come close to rivalling Fox in the rugby brains department but no one has ever out-rivalled him. Quite simply Fox was the smartest playmaker of his time, or any other time.
– Spiro Zavos, The Roar website, 8 June 2012
When I was playing for the Wallabies, we had a game plan based around two things: one was trying to get Michael Jones at the bottom of as many rucks as possible ... and the other one was to try and unsettle this guy [Fox] as much as we could ...
– Wallabies halfback Nick Farr-Jones