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Toogood Tales

Television (Full Length) – 1994

Well good morning everybody! Here I am back again, home again in New Zealand, which is the very easiest country in the world to live in and work in at the present time. I can assure you of that.
– Broadcaster Aunt Daisy reminds New Zealanders that they "don't know how lucky we are"
A date that I'll remember is the 30th of June 1948 because that was the day that we were getting married. And we did get married! But Claude Wickstead rang me in the morning and said we'd like you to do a film commentary. I said we'll have to make sure it's finished in good time because we're getting married at seven o'clock.
– Selwyn Toogood, on trying to maintain work-life balance
The days when people relied just on radio and cinema to be entertained — and informed — have long gone. As a cinema narrator with the Weekly Review, and later as a quizmaster travelling to every corner of New Zealand with It's In The Bag, I look back on those days before television with a great deal of nostalgia.
– Selwyn Toogood reflects on days gone by
And there's a man who's putting it on all round. Huh, look who's talking.
– Selwyn Toogood makes a self-deprecating remark about a racing punter's weight, in one of the National Film Unit film