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Hero image for 2 for Todd - A Profile of Mark Todd

2 for Todd - A Profile of Mark Todd

Television (Full Length) – 1989

When I first started eventing, the dressage was basically a necessary evil of the whole thing, but as I've got more into it the dressage is an integral part of it all and also very very important — because nowadays unless you're in the top few after the dressage you don't really have a chance of winning the whole competition.
– Mark Todd on his changing view of dressage
I was standing in the tent just now with what can only be said is a whole bunch of Brits. And when he finished and got inside the time on The Irishman there, I mean the tent just erupted. That's how popular the man is. That's how much he's respected within the sport.
– Captain Mark Phillips, on watching Mark Todd competing in the cross country
I was more upset selling that horse than any other I had, because he had sort of opened the international door to me and given me my first major international success and bought a certain amount of fame and what have you.
– Mark Todd on selling Southern Comfort