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Hero image for Votes for the Girls

Votes for the Girls

Television (Full Length) – 1994

Until the burden of the family, the housework — keeping the society together — is shared more broadly, I think women are still going to find it tough. I say without equivocation that women will never achieve equality in our society without quite specific interventions on their behalf, by government.
– Helen Clark
My goal now is to become New Zealand's first woman Prime Minister, but not to destroy myself in the process.
– Helen Clark
It's an opportunity to take stock of what has happened in the intervening hundred years. I don't think that societies have been fully enriched by the appropriate participation of women at all levels.
– Irish President Mary Robinson
Most of them [women politicians] have been mothers and I think that must make a difference to the decisions they're making. But maybe when they get into politics everything changes.
– Jane Swinnard reflects on feelings of betrayal by women in power
I think the worst they think they can throw at you is the name of someone that they think you're sleeping with. I have had that hurled across the house by a National Government minister.
– Helen Clark, on politics as a boy's club
If I were to talk about my colleague's y-fronts it would be seen as completely out of context and bizarre, and I think that is the difference.
– Jenny Shipley on double standards in politics