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War Years Film (Full Length) – 1983 Documentary

War Years

Film (Full Length) – 1983 Documentary

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I want to say how darned glad I am to be back in little old Enzed. After being right around the world I’m quite sure that it is God’s Own Country.
– From one of the newsreels
In 1941 the National Film Unit was established. It's purpose was to promote the war effort. Weekly Review documented the war effort at home and overseas. This was pioneer filmmaking.
– From the narration
[A] fascinating record of documentary filmmaking at a crucial time in the country’s history.
– Helen Martin, in book New Zealand Film 1912 - 1996, page 90
As their tanks have stopped rolling there's an empty paddock nearby, and it's just natural for New Zealanders to use it for football. After all it is winter. But there isn't one of these boys who wouldn't prefer playing on his home ground.
– From a newsreel where Kiwi soldiers play rugby in Italy, during a pause in fighting