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Hero image for We Need to Talk about A.I.

We Need to Talk about A.I.

Film (Trailer) – 2021

.... a thought-provoking documentary about the future of AI, producing a balanced perspective on the subject of artificial intelligence and the ethical questions that brings with it ... [the documentary thrives] when it lets its experts duel it out in separate interviews. While discussing whether AI will overtake us and potentially kill humanity there’s some lovely back and forth segments... .
– Critic Greg Wheeler on website The Review Geek, 21 May 2020
I'm sorry, Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that.
– Keir Dullea's character gets the bad news in film 2001: A Space Odyssey, after asking artificial intelligence HAL 9000 to let him back inside the spaceship
[Director Leanne Pooley mixes] talking head interviews with nifty graphics; the tickled ivories and synthy beats of a half menacing, half upbeat score; compelling moments from sci-fi movies; and loads of archival news footage. The inclusion of such a broad range of material always works in a documentary to achieve that all-important variety. But here, it also helps in developing a real sense of urgency — and it manages to do just that without going totally doomster on us.
– Scottish human-computer interaction specialist Catriona Campbell, reviewing the film on her website, 18 June 2020