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What Now? - Kimbra excerpt Television (Excerpts) – 2001 Music Children

What Now? - Kimbra excerpt

Television (Excerpts) – 2001 Music Children

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What a cute accent 😁


Beau 5 Jun 2018 - 02.57am

I heard in an interview recently by Kimbra that it was in the script of the What Now programme ' one day I would love to be a pop star..'. -that it was not in fact her personal ambition! She did want to play music but where that would take her could never have been imagined at that stage.
Anyway I watch and listen with delight at her musical exploration & progress.
Thanks NZ on Screen for sharing this and I hope that you somehow un/recover the rest of this series that she presented all those years ago.


Kathleen 30 Jun 2013 - 01.31pm

lolson writes:

"From wannabe pop star to giant pretend hipster. See ya thin!"

lolson, ALL hipsters are "pretend". It's just what a person decides to be, that's all. All the people you think are hip, well....they weren't born that way. :)

So, she ended up being the pop star she wanted to be and now she's exploring beyond that...good for her. She's amazingly talented and a fine person indeed.


Synthia 28 Jun 2013 - 06.46pm

shes so cute and cheerful, still looks the same today :) go lil kimbra! i wonder if she realised then how big a popstar she was gonna be one day


Laurie 23 Apr 2013 - 12.36pm

How determined and focused is this little cutie .. go girl KIWI PRIDE!!!!


Jazzy 11 Feb 2013 - 09.58pm

So proud of you Kimbra! You deserve all of the wonderful things that are happening to you. Enjoy.

Jody Winter

Jody Winter 11 Feb 2013 - 07.48pm



Aaron 11 Feb 2013 - 02.36pm

After seeing her perform all grown up on the ARIAs last night, this is a delightful flashback to the girl who already knew the young woman she would become. Go Kiwi, go.

Mark Kennedy

Mark Kennedy 1 Dec 2012 - 12.08am

"And it sounds so flash". She is so brilliant, even as a kid. Definitely one of my favourite artists.


Jatz 19 Nov 2012 - 09.05pm

She already knew what she wanted to do! And she kept working hard to get where she is!! Such an inspiration xx


Nina 3 Nov 2012 - 09.06pm

Wow! How amazingly talented Kimbra was at 11 years old. She had an awesome voice with a beautiful tone for such a young girl! I love Kimbra! and she deserves all the success she has achieved and more!

Licquorice's Mum

Licquorice's Mum 15 Oct 2012 - 06.43pm

how big is she now??!!! and she keeps getting bigger everyday... how else can you explain that someone like me (someone from honduras, central america) got to listen her music a few months ago and cant stop replaying her album over and over again.
She's so talented and hopefully someday she'll conquer the music industry worldwide


annabel 9 Oct 2012 - 11.06am

God, I remember watching this at the time on What Now?. She did a Atomic Kitten 'Whole Again' style music vid where she was filmed at double speed in some sort of dressing room with various costumes: "I'm doing this at double speed so I need to speed up my movements". NO. THE MOVEMENTS ARE MEANT TO BE SLOW. Still, she was only 11!


Vicky 19 Sep 2012 - 08.32pm

Kept replaying 3:12 because she's so cheesy and full of energy "Well we didn't get to see the finished product BUT IT SOUNDED REALLY COOL AY???!" 8-D. Awesome video though, she'd probably cringe at watching it.


SettleDownWithMeKimbra 17 Sep 2012 - 03.28am

good on her, she's great!

shona  kenrick

shona kenrick 18 Jun 2012 - 06.35pm

From wannabe pop star to giant pretend hipster. See ya thin!


lolson 17 Jun 2012 - 04.04pm

A reminder that overnight sensations take years to make. What a fabulous talent.

Donna Chisholm

Donna Chisholm 15 Jun 2012 - 07.14pm

Take a look at her progress the next year when she was 12. This film excerpt of workshops that were part of the NZ Music Commission musician mentoring programme , at Berkley Middle school 2002- and the kids here are playing the instruments, not adults...

Stephanie Lees

Stephanie Lees 15 Jun 2012 - 06.24pm

Amazing even then at the tender age of 11


Joe 15 Jun 2012 - 05.00pm

Geoff Whiser haha so true


Simon 15 Jun 2012 - 04.10pm

To all those inquiring about the rest of the series: alas this appears to be the only clip from the series that survives in TVNZ's archive, so unless someone has recorded it at the time, the complete series is lost ... if you do have copies of the other clips in the series, please get in touch!:

Paul Ward

Paul Ward (NZ On Screen team) 15 Jun 2012 - 02.23pm

I wonder what Kimbra will thinks if she gets to look back at this clip of her young self. Kimbra, are you out there looking at this?


Lesley 15 Jun 2012 - 01.59pm

Just terrific to view, thanks

John McCready

John McCready 15 Jun 2012 - 12.37pm

Awesome, thanks for sharing this. Would definitely like to see the others in the series too!


JC 15 Jun 2012 - 12.07pm

lol. That was a crap beat

Goeff Whiser

Goeff Whiser 15 Jun 2012 - 12.01pm

This is brilliant! The full series of these clips needs to be online.

Robyn Gallagher

Robyn Gallagher 15 Jun 2012 - 10.13am

Ha! Great find.
Wow even at 11 she was oozing talent.
What Now has been such an inspiration to kids over the year.
"Get out that lazy bed.." indeed

Geoffrey Tompsett

Geoffrey Tompsett 15 Jun 2012 - 02.08am

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