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What's Your Verdict - Mark Lundy

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2005

In 2002 Mark Lundy was convicted of murdering his wife Christine and daughter Amber two years prior. The brutality of the crime and the nature of the evidence made it one of New Zealand’s most covered  and contentious  criminal cases. This high-rating documentary sees lawyer Greg King guiding a mock jury through the evidence over one day, to see if they reach the same verdict. The jury, hailing from all walks of life, find it difficult to reach a consensus as strong personalities clash on opposing sides of the debate. After appealing to the Privy Council in London, Lundy got a real life retrial in 2015, and was again found guilty.

One of the most contentious pieces of evidence presented at the trial was a polo shirt, like this one, that belonged to Mark Lundy. Forensic tests revealed that there was a small almost invisible smear of brain or spinal tissue from Christine Lundy, as well as DNA from Amber. The prosecution said the shirt was the "silent witness" to the killings.
– Greg King outlines the figurative "smoking gun" of the Lundy trial

Key Cast & Crew

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