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This National Film Unit travelogue, produced for the NZ Government Department of Tourist and Health Resorts, finds post-war Auckland basking in sunshine. Flowers bloom in parks and gardens, city streets bustle and public swimming pools are packed. Trams and flying boats are a reminder of a by-gone era in the city's transportation while a rug factory is a colourful if unexpected inclusion. Last stop is a visit to Kawau Island — home of Governor Grey's Mansion House — where the sun also shines and aquaplaning, sports and bush walks are the order of the day.

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 Michael Forlong
 Bert Bridgman
 Rex Walden

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 Lynne Dempsey

Lynne Dempsey

To correct your synopsis - that was not water skiing you see - but aquaplaning - standing on a board being towed behind a launch. Still happening in my childhood on Kawau Island- five years later.



How did people put up with this kind of thing? So much footage of a carpet factory, and then young women going hand in hand around Kawau Island...that's Auckland?


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