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The Benson & Hedges Fashion Design Awards were the big fashion event of the year from the mid 60s to the 90s. The Wellington show was organised by model agent Maysie Bestall-Cohen from 1982, and from 1984 TVNZ broadcast the 'B&H' live from the Michael Fowler Centre. Bestall-Cohen and Bob Parker host this 1986 GOFTA award-winner. Former Miss Universe Lorraine Downes is a guest presenter, and the line-up of models includes a teenage Rachel Hunter and future TV presenter Hilary Timmins. Padded shoulders, geometric prints and garish colours date stamp the era.  


Credits (22)

 Ron Pledger
 Jillian Ewart
 George Barris

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Comments (12)

 Paul Ward

Paul Ward | website

Hi Judy. You will have to make a footage request at TVNZ Archives to find out about the shows you're looking for:



do u have the 1992 93 or 94 awards?




Someone's got a tuatara on their shoulder! Hahaha!

I remember going to a school fair in the 80s and one of the trendy guys was wearing RAGS on his feet. Hahaha!

I can't watch anymore.



Amazing how unflattering and ageing most of these clothes are! I do like the taupe one and the white skirt suit is flattering... but most of the others look like they were designed for the circus! The headwear is awful too! It's weird, the girls look boring despite the outfits being garish and outlandish! Oh dear.

Thank God for punk.

 Arianna Bell

Arianna Bell

No one cares about fashion-when the world ends all things will pass away...yes, even your pretty bracelettes ladies.

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