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Taika Waititi's 80s extravaganza wouldn't have been complete without the man himself arriving on set in a DeLorean — the time-travelling car from Back to the Future. The clip is another homage-packed example of lo-fi genius from the Oscar nominee. Note the Eastern European-derived keyboardist Luke Buda's 'Poland' synth. Director Taika Waititi: "I spotted the DeLorean parked near our flat in Mt Cook, and left a note under the wiper saying 'what year are you from?' Turns it was one of two owned by a local doctor."



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 Julie Hill

Julie Hill

@George Thanks for pointing this out! We are in the process of sourcing another copy of the video and we'll make sure it's the real deal this time. Cheers.



But it's not complete -- you've put the clip up without the opening De Lorean sequence -- please update with the whole clip!



Another outstanding track from a truly world class talent . These guys make music that touches the soul (mine anyway and I`m in my 40`s -yeah I know ,I should stick to milo , slippers + Kenny Rogers !) Seriously , if TPF were English or American they would be huge .Just my opinion .
Oh yeah , haven`t seen the vid , but sure it`s good.



Brilliant song! Phoenix Foundation are amazingly talented. :) This particular video kinda reminds me of OK Go's video clip to their song WTF? Buzzy stuff.


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