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“The funniest, liveliest, most exuberant film ever made in New Zealand”. So said critic Nicholas Reid, after Came a Hot Friday became a local hit in 1985. And Reid may still be on the money. Though Billy T’s loony Mexican-Māori cowboy is beloved by fans, he is but one eccentric here among many — as two scheming conmen hit town, to encounter bookies, boozers, country hicks, nasty crim Marshall Napier, and Prince Tui Teka on saxophone. Until the arrival of The Piano in 1993, Ian Mune and Dean Parker’s award-loaded adaptation was still NZ's third biggest local hit.

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 jeffrey raven

jeffrey raven

Billy T James is still the funniest man in NZ film and TV! He's a natural comedian. I once ate fish 'n' chips with him. What a lovely man he was.



Kool asss



You dont have any photos of hottie don

 Irene Gardiner

Irene Gardiner

NZ On Screen doesn't have the rights to put the whole film on the site, but you can buy it on DVD now.

 Hamish Towgood

Hamish Towgood

Come on Ian, its 2011, where is the Blu-Ray loaded with special features?

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Came a Hot Friday is a major advance in Kiwi film comedy. A barrel load of talent, nurtured during New Zealand’s filmmaking renaissance and now signalling distinctive maturity, has been brought together in this Mirage Films presentation to explore a folk tale of intrigue and delight. 
Came a Hot Friday carries no spare fat, but rattles along with the pace of the best American screwball comedies of the ‘30s. 


1986 National Mutual GOFTA Film and Television Awards (NZ)
Best Film
Best Screenplay - Adaptation: Dean Parker and Ian Mune
Best Director: Ian Mune
Best Performance, Male in a Leading Role: Peter Bland
Best Performance, Male in a Supporting Role: Billy T James
Best Editing: Ken Zemke
Best Film Score: Stephen McCurdy

1986 Melbourne Film Festival
Voted one of the ten best films of the festival