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Queen City Rocker Film (Excerpts) – 1986 Drama Music Action

Queen City Rocker

Film (Excerpts) – 1986 Drama Music Action

M Mature
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There's panic on the streets as 19-year-old tearaway Ska (Matthew Hunter) comes to terms with love and death in Auckland's 80s urban underworld. After an ultimately tragic attempt to 'rescue' his prostitute sister, Ska plots revenge at a rock gig ... with riotous results. Directed by Bruce Morrison when broken glass was still on the ground from the Queen Street riot, the film was inspired by a story from 16-year-old Richard Lymposs. In this teen spirit-infused excerpt, street-fighter Ska saves rich girl Stacy (Kim Willoughby), and meets her classy parents.

[Auckland] seems to be wall-to-wall bars and clubs. It's fantasy city, a street-kid fantasy ... the essence is the funky, jostling beat, the fat and crunchy sound effects, the glittering burning crashing sparkling image. The essence is conflict. Love it or hate it, it will probably get your adrenalin pumping.
– Chris Hegen, NZ Listener, February 1987

Produced by

Mirage Films


Original music composed by Dave McArtney
Includes tracks by Ardijah, Fetus Productions, No Tag, Cheek Ta Cheek, Graham Brazier, Tex Pistol, and Wentworth Brewster & Co