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This award-winning kidult series is set in the colonial town of Wainamu, amidst the North Island’s ‘thermal wonderland’, c.1900. It follows the challenges that Sir Charles Pemberton (Terence Cooper) faces in building a spa on Māori land. In this episode local lad Tom, son of the hotelier, is piqued by the arrival of Sir Charles and his aristocratic entourage, (particularly granddaughter Sarah Jane aka “Little Miss Prim”), whose train is late due to being spooked by natives. His gang of shanghai-toting scallywags also take on the mean local butcher.

Credits (26)

 Peter Sharp
 Roger Le Mesurier
 Roger Simpson

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wow, I remember this series... I was an 11 yo boy when I watched it for the first time - greetings from Italy

 Ed Crawford

Ed Crawford

The red-readed kid is Ian Narev, a kiwi who is now the CEO of Commonwealth Bank of Australia

 Glynn Babington

Glynn Babington

This is great, love seeing New Zealand in the 1900s :)

Produced by

 South Pacific Television


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What I have I done to deserve all this - I’ve had better days at school! 
Oh, goodness me, the place is on fire! 


1980 Feltex Awards
Best Drama
Best Actor (Terence Cooper)
Stan Hosgood Award for Allied Craft: Logan Brewer (set designer) for Hunter's Gold, Gather Your Dreams, Children of Fire Mountain, and I Pagliacci.