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When his father dies, Will Bastion (Temuera Morrison) returns home after an absence of 20 years. Tradition dictates that he takes on the mantle of tribal chief, but he's not interested. His brother, Kahu, seizes the opportunity, but he's a drug-dealing thug with radical ideas. When Will sees the impact of Kahu's actions, he must choose whether to act. Directedby Sam Pillsbury as a contemporary western, Crooked Earth was his first New Zealand film since 1987's Starlight Hotel. Variety called it "handsomely mounted and compelling".


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 Kim Baker

Kim Baker | website

The film can be purchased on DVD from AroVideo in Wellington. Here is the link:



i was just wondering if anyone knows where to find the whole version of this movie?? id really appreciate it if you could let me know, Kia ora



This is my most favourite New Zealand film, this is da bomb!!



good movie


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Buy yourself a new mountain. We're taking ours back. 
(Director Sam) Pillsbury manages a remarkable balancing act of objectivity: He neither glorifies Māori rituals as exotic, nor does he demean them. As a result, the film feels authentic and true to its origins. 


2001 Nokia New Zealand Film Awards
Nominated for Best Actor (Temuera Morrison), Supporting Actor (Lawrence Makoare), Supporting Actress (Nacy Brunning) and Original Music (James Hall)