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In this short James Rolleston (Boy) stars as a Kiwi lad who banters with an elderly bearded fulla (Bruce Allpress) who claims to be God; the 'BMX Kid' challenges him to a Lake Wakatipu bomb competition to prove it. Kiwi stuntman/director Tim McLachlan's film was a finalist in Your Big Break, a filmmaking contest run by Tourism New Zealand which attracted over 1000 scripts from around the globe. Five finalists were given the chance to turn their scripts into a short film. The brief was to "capture the spirit of 100% Pure New Zealand — the youngest country on earth". 

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 Tim McLachlan
 Catherine Madigan

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 Janice Nimmo

Janice Nimmo

The brief was well and truly met for capturing the spirit of 100% pure New Zealand !! I could watch this over and over ;-)



Nice short n sweet Neva to late to have a break



Good for a laugh!


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We call it Aotearoa around here bro. 
It’s good to come home now and then eh bro. Eat some ice creams, do some bombs. 


2010 Your Big Break Film Competition (New Zealand)
Nominated for Best Film