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A selection of sketches from this award-winning skit based comedy series featuring Willy de Witt, Ian Harcourt, Peter Murphy and Dean Butler (with occasional animation by Chris Knox). The Hoons display their all of their charm and tact at the beach — but cruising for action (in a car truly worthy of them) results in a heated confrontation with one of their rivals. The classic Norman the Mormon also features, alternative Dunedin bands of the 1980s are lampooned and Lucy Lawless makes her TV debut in an ad spoof that anticipates her future role in Spartacus.

Credits (9)

 Tony Holden
 James Griffin
 Willy de Witt

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Comments (10)

 laurence  cooper

laurence cooper | website

Awesome outfit have their show on DVD

 Paul Ward

Paul Ward | website

@Dominie: there is a Funny Business DVD available. Best get in touch with Comedia Pictures:

 Dominie Till

Dominie Till | website

any chance of seeing more or getting copy's

 Mrs Pitt

Mrs Pitt

I wish they could put all of the episodes on here. I was an extra in some when I went to Selwyn.

 Cameron Waddel

Cameron Waddel | website

I remember being involved in filming a sketch with them that never made it into the program.
Actually my entire class from Remuera Intermediate was involved in it.
They filmed a bit playing rugby against us and pushing us over because they were such big kids (adults):)
I was also a kid who had been to the dentist and came in with a note handing it to the camera for the teacher to send out one of the guys.
I think we got to see the finished result later on but it was never on tv.
One of the other boys in our class "Daniel Robinson" was in some other sketches with them that did appear on tv.

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There are elements of undergraduate humour in the sketches and musical send-ups but they can also switch from outright puerility to witty sophistication in a single beat. 
These guys are the best ensemble humorists we have seen on our screens. They’ve got talent, attitude and, to a man, faces just made to convey the dimmer recesses of the Kiwi male psyche. Definitive dickheads. 


1989 NZ Film & Television Awards
Best Entertainer (Funny Business)
Best Writer Non-Drama (Dean Butler, James Griffin, Ian Harcourt, Peter Murphy, Willy de Wit)
Best Director (Tony Holden)