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By the time of Gloss’s second season the sharemarket had crashed, but the parade of yuppies, shoulder-pads and méthode champenoise went on. This 19 July 1988 episode sees the Redfern family deal with a tragedy; it also features an acting cameo from future weatherman Jim Hickey. In these excerpts Hickey isn’t playing meteorological soothsayer to the nation, but a policeman responding to the mysterious death of Brad Redfern (Michael Keir-Morrissey). He soothes the Redferns, after tossing a coin with a fellow officer for a ride to Remuera in the deceased’s Jaguar.  

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 Aileen O'Sullivan

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But Brad wouldn’t do that … not Brad! 
Toss you for it … I want a ride in the Jag! 
Everyone knows Jim Hickey.