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  1. The first of six excerpts from this episode.

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They came, they battered, they bickered. Peter Hudson and David Halls were as famous for their on-screen spats as they were for their recipes. The couple ("are we gay - well we're certainly merry") turned cooking into comedy. Coming soon after winning 1981 Feltex Entertainer of the Year, this episode shows viewers how to make crepes with cream chicken and vegetable filling. There's microwaves, roasted nuts and dollops of innuendo. Guests are English jazz clarinetist Acker Bilk, and poet and TV personality Pam Ayres, who performs some ribald rhymes.

Credits (4)

 Ernie Leonard
 Jeff Bennet
 David Halls

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My Mum used to have their cookbook - any ideas where I can get a copy?

 Dean Mills

Dean Mills

Great memories from the 80's. Their show was loads of fun to work on as a cameraman, great sampling of food, lots of jokes and great crew.
Cheers for the memories - Dean Mills (Sydney)

 Kim Baker

Kim Baker | website

Hi Brendan, thanks for pointing out the "full length" claim. The episode doesn't include the guest performances. We'll look at trying to clear those sometime in the future, in the meantime, keeping it real, we've changed the video note to "excerpts".




This claims to be one full length episode but the first guest is missing

any chance of making good on the "full length" claim?

 peter grattan

peter grattan | website

Lovely fellas, sadly missed. At TV2 with them in the late 70s, PG and The Hot Tips performed 'Hot Guitars' on a 1982 episode, (Gilly Tyler directing) then in 1986 I worked alongside them again at the BBC. Ahead of their time.

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