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This is a cleverly-choreographed one shot video for the Kiwi classic written by Dobbyn when based in Sydney. (Even if it's debatable whether the moving house/moving on imagery actually suits the lyrics of the song.) Dobbyn's jersey and his video girl's entire get-up firmly date-stamp the romance and real estate story in the 80s, but the song has outlasted the knitwear: In 2001 APRA members voted it the third-best New Zealand song of the 20th Century. Loyal was later used by Team New Zealand as its campaign song for its 2002 defence of the America’s Cup.


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 Bonita Masters Betts

Bonita Masters Betts

oh thankyou so much for putting this on facebook i am sharing makes me homesick even though all has changed



Loved seeing you in concert last night at the HIFI in Brisbane! this song made me cry! I miss NZ! so homesick! No matter where i live though....I'm a LOYAL KIWI and nothing could ever change that! xx



Love this song, Dave you are brilliant


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