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Director Peter Jackson's second feature, Meet the Feebles picks up where Bad Taste left off. It is an irreverent, outlandish, part-musical satire on showbiz — and while it is populated almost entirely by puppets, it’s by no means cute. The motley creatures are all members of a variety show that’s working up to a major performance. They include Bletch the two-timing pornographer walrus, an obese hippo femme fatale, a drug-dealing rat, a heroin-addicted frog, a poo-eating tabloid journalist fly — in other words, something to offend everyone.


A Perspective by Richard King 31.08.2008

Peter Jackson's first professionally made feature came about after funding fell through on Braindead, shortly before filming was ...

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Credits (20)

 Peter Jackson
 Jim Booth
 Fran Walsh

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 WingNut Films


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 The Peter Jackson Collection


Peter Jackson's film sets out to be relentlessly, gratuitiously offensive. Most of the time, fortunately it succeeds. 
Feebles's assortment of puppet perversions (panty-sniffing anteaters, heroin-addicted toads, bovine porn stars) is perfect summer diversion for all those who experimented on their Barbies with Bic lighters and hot coathangers... 
We knew that the cameras were gong to be rolling in six weeks no matter what, so we had total and absolute freedom... It gives you an incredible enthusiasm to know that there are no obstacles between what you write and what's going to get up on the screen. 


1991 Fantafestival - International Sci Fi and Fantasy Show (Rome, Italy) 
Best Director: Peter Jackson
Best Actress: Heidi the Hippo
Best Special Effects

1991 Fantasporto International Festival of Cinema (Portugal)
Nominated for Best International Fantasy Film: Meet the Feebles

1990 New Zealand Film Awards
Best Contribution to Design: Cameron Chittock, for the puppets in Meet the Feebles

1990 Film Fantastique Festival (Paris, France)
Grand Prize