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Oft-derided across the dutch for its vowel-mangling pronunciation (sex fush'n'chups anyone?) and too fast-paced for tourists and Elton John to understand, is New Zealand's unique accent. Presented by Jim Mora, New Zild follows the evolution of New Zealand English, from the "colonial twang" to Billy T. Linguist Elizabeth Gordon explains the infamous HRT (High Rising Terminal) ending our sentences, and Mora interprets such phrases as 'air gun' (how are you going?). Features Lyn of Tawa in an accent face-off with Sam Neill and Judy Bailey.


The Director's Perspective by John Milligan 01.05.2009

I've always been a keen observer of the different ways in which people speak the English language. So it was with enthusiasm that I tuned in to watch the Emmy Award-winning 1986 TV Series The Story of English. It was fascinating viewing ...

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Credits (18)

 John Milligan
 Jim Mora

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 Janet Frame

Janet Frame

So entertaining , I loved it . Thanks " Jum" :-)Lol



"Federico" Arch acker is a Pun on "Hard Yacker" slang meaning for Hard Work.



this is great! I am an italian teacher of english and this is one of the best documentaries I know about any variety of English, even students not familiar with NZ english enjoyed it!

Just one question, though: what the name "arch acker" a pun on?

 adrienne matheson

adrienne matheson

I loved this series. Haven't been home for such a long time. What a great accent, with many dialects, we have.

 kerry emmerson

kerry emmerson

Omakiwi. Been is the US for many years and they reckon I still sound difficult to understand . If I were to go back to NZ, which I have a coupla times in the last few decades, they tell me to stop sounding like a Yank. Nobody understands me. I am doomed.

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 Bright Spark Television


 Bright Spark Television


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