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No Opportunity Wasted is a reality show where Phil Keoghan (Amazing Race), ambushes contestants and bids them overcome a challenge with limited time (three days) and resources. This episode ditches the self-help aspect and ups the machismo by having a freezing worker, southern shepherd, champion rower, trans-Atlantic race winner, Kiwi league legend, and ex-Mr New Zealand compete in old school elimination challenges for NZ's 'toughest man' title. Future Olympic champ Eric Murray is the young buck wrestling for the hardman mantle with wily Mark 'Horse' Bourneville.

Credits (16)

 Phil Keoghan
 Trevor Conn
 Eric  Murray

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 Before They Were Famous


It’s a killer, but I love it. I love pain! 
Eric is clearly rattled and out of his depth, but his incredible stamina and his ability to tolerate pain means he’s holding his own against Horse. 
I’m here flying the flag for the oldies and the Piha boaties ... 
Age before beauty eh. 
Toughness is everything you bring to the table, having a go at it, and trying to blow it out ... yeah.