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Numero Bruno is a warts and all biography of widely popular actor, musician and counter-cultural hero Bruno Lawrence. Lawrence's intense, charismatic screen presence was key to ground-breaking Kiwi films, Smash Palace, The Quiet Earth and Utu. Directed by Steve La Hood (the veteran director’s TV swansong), this documentary features interviews with family and friends, and liberal excerpts from Lawrence's film and musical work, including performances by 70s alternative Aotearoa icons Blerta and clips showcasing his seminal collaborations with Geoff Murphy.


Director's Notes by Steve La Hood 10.02.2011

Okay, I’m the bastard who wrote and directed the Bruno doco! It was 11 years ago and — still, parts of the family (Veronica most of all) have me high on their shitlist.

I still don’t know quite why, or honestly, what they ...

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A Perspective by Costa Botes 21.03.2009

"His first name conjures up so many memories that the surname is just about superfluous" - Roger Booth, Bruno - The Bruno Lawrence Story.

Where to start with a man like Bruno Lawrence? Director Steve La Hood has packed an awful ...

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rip bruno,i liked you role in the quiet earth!

 Andy D

Andy D

Thanks for posting this, I've always wanted to see it. Lawrence had me hooked with The Quiet Earth, it's ironic to see many people thought that was his worst work!

RIP Mr. Lawrence, whatever your shortcomings you clearly had a positive impact on many.

Andy D / Massachusetts, United States

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 The Bruno Lawrence Collection


2002 TV Guide New Zealand Television Awards
Nominated for Best Documentary
Nominated for Best Director - Documentary: Steve La Hood
Nominated for Best Editing - Non-Drama: Geoff Conway