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  1. An excerpt from the second episode of series one.

  2. An excerpt from the third episode of series one.

  3. An excerpt from the fourth episode of series one.

  4. An excerpt from the fifth episode of series one.

  5. An excerpt from the sixth episode of series one.

  6. An excerpt from the seventh episode of series one.

  7. An excerpt from the eighth episode of series one.

  8. An excerpt from the ninth episode of series one.


Popstars was a key forerunner of the late 1990s reality television explosion. The series followed the creation and development of an all-girl pop band called TrueBliss (Carly Binding, Keri Harper, Joe Cotton, Megan Alatini and Erika Takacs), who went on to record several NZ chart-topping singles and a platinum-selling album. Also a hit was the series format, which sold globally and helped inspire Pop Idol/American Idol, the franchise that would dominate reality TV for years to come. These excerpts are from each episode of the series, from the second to the final.


A perspective by Bianca Zander 12.04.2012

The TV series Popstars, which aired in New Zealand for a single season in 1999, is more significant for what it spawned than the show itself, which was pure pop eye candy.

Over nine 30 minute episodes, Popstars followed ...

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Credits (14)

 Bill Toepfer
 Jonathan Dowling
 Erika Takacs

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Only five months ago, or four months ago, they came together as five fresh-faced young girls and that first day they looked at me, with their big eyes looking up and they said: ‘OK Peter, turn us into pop stars!’ 


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