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Three friends cruise inner-city Auckland in a 1946 Ford pickup, as they cope with the changing dynamic of their friendship and encroaching demands of the adult world. In the tradition of American Graffiti it captures the hope promised by a night on the town and a reality that struggles to meet expectations — punctuated by hoons, officious cops and dodgy tow truck operators. Queen Street is a fascinating look at Kiwi car and street culture in the pre-boyracer era, and a snapshot of a downtown that has changed markedly since 1981 when the film screened on TV.

Credits (17)

 Martin Blythe
 Stewart Main
 Shona Hearn

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shorty stinson

RIP Old mate!

Posted at 12.08AM - 14.12.2011

yep those were the days. the 46 ford was my truck. hired it to the producer.was my baby..i still see a lot of those old faces.some of us still involved in cars, drag racing, hot rods, beaumont street was the go..and i remember odd job pickup..this movie is kiwi history.



Neil Pemberton on his Vw Trike @2.20 ?

 Russell Baldwin

Russell Baldwin

Great to see my 56 F100 tow truck again. Cool old truck, powered then with a bigblock international V8. Did about 4 miles to gallon

 Mark Weldon

Mark Weldon

Wow i remember the big neon cowboy sign on queen was on the right hand side of Queen st half way down or so looking out to the harbour..i never thought ide see it again...crazy website and great videos..thank-you from Perth West Oz

 Dave Heaslip

Dave Heaslip

Heard of this Movie ,first time I seen it,I remember some of the Cars an Faces Brings back a lot of memorys of those Days

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