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  1. Part one of two from the full length first episode of Series One: 'The Appalling Mr Gormsby'

  2. Part two of two from the full length first episode of Series One: 'The Appalling Mr Gormsby'


Director Danny Mulheron has fun with the subversive character of Mr Gormsby in this irreverently funny series. In desperation, the Tepapawai High School principal has hired paragon of old school values Mr Gormsby (David McPhail) after yet another relief teacher walks out. Forming an instant dislike for fellow teacher 'Steve from Guidance' and frustrated that his trusty cane has been taken from him, Gormsby comes up a unique form of discipline which manages to offend pretty much everyone. Nominated for Best Script and Best Comedy at the 2006 NZ Screen Awards.

Credits (17)

 Danny Mulheron
 Tom Scott

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Comments (4)

 Kate Stone

Kate Stone | website

Brilliant script and really great performances from David McPhail and Jason Hoyt. Unexpected and enjoyable.

 Jody Overland

Jody Overland

Brilliantly funny and a poignant social commentary - as much as we admire Gormsby we despise Steve - Best thing I've seen on TV.

 luke grimstrup

luke grimstrup

Great show! Totally worth watching! If only there were more teachers like Mr Gormsby nowadays ;)

 John Wilson

John Wilson

I wish I there had been more teachers like Mr Gormsby in my day as I really believe education standards would be a lot higher than they are now and less kids would be high school dropouts.

David McPhail is a great actor and put a lot of effort into this television series.



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 Direct Hit Productions


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You’ll get none of your “namby-pamby-human-relationship-mumbo-lezzie-jumbo-mummy-didn’t-breast-feed-me-until-I-was-seven” nonsense from Gormsby. 


2006 NZ Screen Awards
Nominated for Best Script and Best Comedy