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On this mid-80s youth music show, a fresh faced Russell Crowe is the star turn in his early persona as Russ le Roq (the name change to avoid comparisons with his famous cricketing cousins Martin and Jeff). With a hint of an Elvis sneer, Crowe performs 'What's The Difference' with his band Roman Antix, and is interviewed by presenter Phillipa Dann. Lounge jazz act Wentworth Brewster & Co and Hamilton funk rockers Echoes also feature; and Pat and Margaret Urlich from Peking Man talk about their latest single 'Room That Echoes' and its distinctive video.

Credits (5)

 Peter Grattan
 Russell Crowe
 Graeme Simpson

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Comments (8)

 Simon Spooner

Simon Spooner

I remember Russell Crowe as leather clad Russ le roq, when he ran the Venue use to travel in from Manurewa with the boys, we all knew the dreamer would never amount to anything!!

 Simon Spooner

Simon Spooner

Was at the Venue when they recorded vid for Lift your Head up High, wish that was online.

 Campbell Downie

Campbell Downie

I used to be his keyboard player for a short while, crazy guy, used to rehearse at 1am after his club the venue had shut in symonds street, he was a night owl.



i rmember Russell Crowe as Russ le roq from roman anthrax, I always watched Shazam tv series Russell Cowe is my favourite actor,I hope one day to meet him. I would probably cry.

 Manu Hashidate

Manu Hashidate

That's my old Gretsch Rock Jet that the guitarist is playing - wow!

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It was done in a studio so, as far as choreography went, I didn’t actually make up a dance as such. I just sort of blatted around in that area. 
I tend to be a little bit hyperactive. I try and juggle five or six projects at one time. Invariably nothing ever gets completed or taken to its full extent. But being part of a band, as opposed to working by yourself, the decisions and pressure are taken collectively.