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A triumph of imagination and creativity over budget, this now classic Jonathan Ogilvie clip cost just $250 to make. Coloured cellophane and a projector created the far out psychedelic look on the band members’ under-water heads, and the performance shots were done on the back of a truck going through the Lyttelton tunnel. The ever-cool Shayne Carter snarl is supported by an almost-mullet - apparently self-styled.

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what the F... Better Than Heart & Soul, The Narcs, Sierra Leonie, Coconut Rough. Joking right ?????



Dunedin in one chord!

 Rufus Knight

Rufus Knight | website

Without a doubt one of New Zealand's best music videos.
Aesthetics and execution without compromise.

 Lynne O'Connor

Lynne O'Connor

It is such a great song and one of my all time favourites. It was one of those songs that you had to listen to with the stereo cranked up.



Brings back memories dancing to this in a fabulous 30s flat in Roseneath with a view up the harbour watching the planes come in and the orca pods explore the harbour and later dancing to this during winter in a grotty flat in Mt Vic. A classic song.


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 Jonathan Ogilvie

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