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Stalin’s Sickle takes Kiwi suburban paranoia to unexpected places as nine-year-old Daniel imagines his neighbour is feared Russian dictator Joseph Stalin. Set amidst 1962 Cold War conservatism, Daniel spots the south seas’ Stalin at church, spies on him to confirm his suspicions and schemes to send him on his way. But Daniel’s civil defence plan goes awry, leaving him with a worse threat to deal with. Based on the short story by Michael Morrissey, the Costa Botes-directed film won Grand Jury Prize at the prestigious Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival.


A Personal Perspective by Costa Botes 20.10.2009

I discovered the original story in the pages of the NZ Listener in 1981. I was at [Ilam] art school studying film. I was immediately attracted by the blend of realism and whimsy in Michael Morrissey's writing. So I cut the story out of the ...

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Credits (11)

 Costa Botes
 Anne Kennedy
 Andrea Kelland

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Comments (3)

 Sheryl Doherty

Sheryl Doherty

i was only ten years old and was one of the children casted in that documentary. We gave up our Easter holidays but it was worth it...all the staff were so nice.

 DC Burny

DC Burny

I've been after this for 18 years. Thanks, Kiwis!

 Joseph Buttler

Joseph Buttler

When I was attending the University of Oregon, I saw this film on cable access (1987 or 88). I loved it then, and have told many people about it. I'm happy to find it here. Great movie.

Joseph Buttler


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