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In June 1886 Mt Tarawera spectacularly erupted, and this documentary tells the story of the people who were caught in the catastrophic events. Around 120 people lost their lives, and the internationally famous Pink and White Terraces were destroyed. The documentary features an animated re-creation of the eruption, archival images, interviews with descendants of those involved, and readings from written eyewitness accounts. The author of the book Tarawera, Ron Keam, is also interviewed.

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 Deymian Faiva

Deymian Faiva

anyone know what caused the eruption?

 Peter Upfold

Peter Upfold

I fully agree with Dan. A blockbuster movie could be made about the Tarawera eruption. The majesty of the Pink and White Terraces, the mystical Maori folklore, the chaos of the eruption, all set in the settlers times of 1886...



I've been visiting the place for 30 years, I never get tired of going there. Summer and winter are both good times to go. In a way I am glad the terraces are buried because imagine if they were still there - the whole area would get over-populated with people.
I am not glad about the suffering the people had to endure though.

 David Taylor

David Taylor

I would like some information please, on the incident when Tuhoto Ariki was struck by Te wharekaniwha and the subsequent curse that followed.
David Taylor retired teacher. Was this man the Rangatira of the tu Horangi tribe?
Hopefully yours.

 Stuart Little

Stuart Little

Great New Zealand film, classic! I love the part where they talk about the eruption!

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 Messenger Films


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