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Ten Guitars gives warm-spirited context to the song that has been the soundtrack to countless back-lawn crate parties and freezing works chains (watch the credits). It was released as the B side of singer Engelbert Humperdinck's Please Release Me, and became an unlikely hit in New Zealand and with fans who have done the "dance, dance, dance ...": including Dalvanius (who discusses its "pop-schlock" charms), Bunny Walters, Topp Twins. Beyond the excerpt here, the doco also explores why "the national anthem of Patea" is so appealing to Māori.

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 Joye Huntley

Joye Huntley

I call this "The Maori National Anthem" cos every party we went to, it was played constantly. Every Maori had a guitar & that was the 1st song ever sung (don't get uptight out there - I am part Maori & proud of it).



Yes and sung at many a party but it is only a catch song not a lot to the lyrics. Sung at many Maori parties but some people don't know the truth.Aussies don't know that much about us new zealanders.

 Michelle Walker

Michelle Walker

Wow this brings back so many memories grate party song this one. still is our Morie National Anthem. good old Kiwi song over our ways..



I am a romatic .. and I wish I had ten guitars ... but I don't even have one ... so I am with the one I love and I will dance dance dance....

 Tama Joe

Tama Joe

Ben Tawhiti & Buddy Wilson..AWESUM!!! Just like the parties at the Pirere Residence.Paterson street/Arataki Mt Maunganui. We Had Some Booma! parties there. Reminds me of my Uncle Len playing...Miss the Guitar partys aye..If i cud turn back the Clocks..tu meke Ben.

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