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  3. Part three of three from this full length episode.


Billy T’s unique brand of humour is captured here at its affable, non-PC best in this compilation of skits from his popular 80s TV shows. There’s Te News (“... someone pinched all the toilet seats out of the Kaikohe Police Station ... now the cops have got nothing to go on!”) with Billy in iconic black singlet and yellow towel; a bro’s guide to home improvement; the first contact skits, and Turangi Vice. No target is sacred (God, The IRA) and there are classic spoofs of Pixie Caramel’s “last requests” and Lands For Bags’ “where’d you get your bag” ads.

Credits (19)

 Tony Holden
 Tom Parkinson
 Jeff Bennet

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Where can I get the billy t James laugh sound alert for my cell phone



hahhaha brings back memories !!!



I miss that guy.



tumuch alrite bro

 Adam Docherty

Adam Docherty


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