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This doco follows the then-world champion All Blacks on a 1989 tour of Wales and Ireland. With star winger John Kirwan as guide, “The All Black Film Unit” gives a players’ insight into an international tour in pre-professional, pre-media trained times — there’s even a plate of oranges. Match, training, and travel footage is complemented by relaxed encounters with players (Zinzan Brooke mounting a shetland pony has entered rugby folklore). Producer Ric Salizzo repeated the recipe — sports fandom mixed with schoolboy pratfalls — in the successful Sports Cafe series.

Credits (9)

 Ric Salizzo
 John Kirwan
 Phil Gifford

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I bought this video for my dad many years ago, and I think I watched it more than he did. Would so love to see it again

 alan barnard

alan barnard

4 possibly 5 of these allblacks went on to play rugby league



@JIM: Ric Salizzo's youtube channel has some more of them, well worth a watch.

 Kim Baker

Kim Baker | website

Hi guys, as far as we know it isn't available on DVD at the moment. Thanks for the other title suggestions - definitely worth seeing all of them again.

 Tereora Tuaeu

Tereora Tuaeu

Been looking for this for years had the whole lot lent it to a mate, rest is history, still funny as, Are they still avalible somewhere, DVD?

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Take a look at this - Worzel and Ronnie learning how to waltz at scrumming practice. 
Fullbacks are there to stop wingers catching the ball. 
What a great effort from Gats [Warren Gatland] who can’t even remember scoring after taking a knock early in the game. 
I’m still a bit tingly around the eyeballs