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"It is about 'life, death and fu*king good music'" runs the tagline to this movie, which follows a Wellington band playing East Coast and Northland pubs, as they head for Cape Reinga. On the road to Te Rerenga Wairua the boys go on a roots journey that is both musical (the cast includes singer Francis Kora, with songs by Trinity Roots' Warren Maxwell) and personal (mateship, whānau, whakapapa). The debut from writer/director Himiona Grace was co-produced by Ainsley Gardiner (Boy) and Mina Mathieson (Warbrick). It was released in NZ cinemas in February 2014.

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 Charles Eggen

Charles Eggen | website

It will be released on DVD in Australia and New Zealand 07 May. Resellers such as mighty ape are taking orders.



Where can you purchase this movie on DVD?

 Tania Ashby

Tania Ashby

Kiaora, I live in Perth. Just wanna know how I can buy the DVD.
thank you

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We’re the Pā Boys from Wellington … 
What’s a Māori without roots eh? 
It is a story that explores the strength of friendship, the importance of whānau (family) whakapapa (genealogy) and history.