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  1. Part one of three from the Highland Games episode of Series Three of the Topp Twins.

  2. Part two of three from the Highland Games episode of Series Three of the Topp Twins.

  3. Part three of three from the Highland Games episode of Series Three of the Topp Twins.

  4. The credits from the Highland Games episode of Series Three of the Topp Twins.


National treasures The Topp Twins (aka twins Lynda and Jules Topp) have performed as a country-music singing comedy duo for more than 25 years. In the late 90s they created their own award-winning TV series which ran for three seasons and showcased their iconic cast of Kiwi characters, including Camp Mother, the Bowling Ladies and cross-dressing Ken and Ken. This episode from the third and final series of their eponymous show has the twins in their many guises enjoying an afternoon at the Waipu Highland Games. "Look at the leather work in that sporran!" 


A perspective by Bianca Zander 14.10.2008

Lesbian twin sisters who dress up as men, sing country music and yodel? On paper, the idea of the Topp Twins seems like a bad joke with fringe appeal, or at the very least, inconceivable. And yet, from humble beginnings in the coffee lounges of ...

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Credits (10)

 Matt Bowkett
 Jools Topp
 Arani Cuthbert

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 Bonnie(the Volunteer) Ellen

Bonnie(the Volunteer) Ellen

I think you ladies are TERRFIC!!!!!! I love how you play and where all your different get ups....I too love to dress up...I am so happy I got to meet you both at Marga's funny mondays... Thank you's for being you's....Safe trip home...Someday I would love to visit New Zealand....and meet with you both again...Dreams are free....p.s. I am Bonnie the Volunteer.......

 noeline mcmillan

noeline mcmillan

I absolutly luv these two woman,they are so funny.

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You know dinosaurs roamed in that bush. Course it’s all protected now. 
Look at the leather work in that sporran!